Thursday, November 23, 2006

leaving Delhi today

with some regrets... though Aaron assures me that Haridwar will be wonderful. Yesterday we had a most gorgeous day at the Crafts Museum here, a beautiful place with banyan trees, roomsful of the most amazing artifacts (an ancient Bahai shrine depicting "the 14 auspicious dreams of the mother, and a goddess being "lustered" by an elephant" -- any idea what that means?), etc. We also visited the shrine of a 14th-century Sufi saint, where he is celebrated with earthenware pots hung on the trees, and his tomb is high high up on a hill, in a little glass and green-painted wood house, covered with a green silk shroud and heaped with rose petals. Outside were two old men playing harmonium and drums.

Don't know what internet access will be like in Haridwar, but soon I will figure out how to put some photos and maybe some audio up here...



At 10:48 AM, Blogger JennyJennette said...

I can only assume it would hurt to be lustered by an elephant. But you end up shiny?

Sounds aMAZing, by the way!


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