Friday, December 08, 2006

banana trees, coffee bushes, orange trees, avocado trees

hello from Kodaikanal!

It is very beautiful here, with all of the above-mentioned trees blossoming up and down the mountain, plus groves of coconut trees everywhere.

Also, here is a link to where we were in Vrindavan:
Our wonderful friend Robyn Beeche took the lovely pictures on the site. We were there for the SRI RADHARAMAN SEVA SAPTAHA.... there should be lots of pix there.

I have posted a picture at random above. I can't tell what I'm posting from this computer!

OK, now I have figured it out. Here is us at the Taj, Agra Fort, Aaron drawing our friends Prakash & Lakshmi's kids, a traditional dancer at Gambhira, and a Haridwar tree shrine:

Wait, cancel that. This super-slow computer has crapped out, so you'll have to wait for the rest of the photos... maybe there will be a better connection in Madurai, where we're headed next.

Hi Ya'll, Kodaikanal is really nice, i've got a cold and am becoming a major exporter of mucus. no market yet but i'm ready. we'll be getting out of here in a couple of days and heading for the beach where i'm sure my nose will forget about me and have some fun. my brain is not so limber right now so i'll hand the mike over to G-Luv MC:

Poor MC double-A dawg... I am going to take him back to the room and put him to bed soon. When we left NYC, I had a cold which I passed on to him; I'm much better now but he is not yet. India is much colder than I thought! Many blankets at night and jackets in the morning & eve. Luckily, Kodai is full of eucalyptus, so we are going to eucalyptus-steam his nose into submission.

LOVE and Namaste,
G & A


At 6:00 PM, Blogger ymb said...

Disappointment! no new news! We are starved!!!

unidentified reader

At 6:44 AM, Blogger Raymond said...

Dear Greta,

Thank you for leaving such a beautiful record of your trip to India. It is deeply inspiring!


Raymond F.


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