Monday, December 25, 2006

hello, goodbye

It is our last day in Kudle Beach, the day after Christmas. For Christmas our friend Murali, a wonderful painter from Kerala, came up to celebrate with us (also his birthday -- Christmas Eve). Here is a bit of an introduction:

I anm realy happy say greetings to you from my land. Hope 2 meet u all person soon
till then goodbye
love and regards

that from Murali to all of you...
it is a bittersweet day here... we will miss the sunbathing cows, the mewling eagles, the salty salty sea, the little girls who sell flower garlands on the beach, the international babies, all of them, the peole who twirl balls on strings, the black-and-white dog that sits behind us when we watch the sunset, the green bird that sits on the telephone wire along the path, the baby buffalo, the black and red butterflies, the red rocks, Pushpar Baba, and the Italian Baby Bird. Soon you all will here about all of these things...
the sweet part is coming home and seeing all of you! and also, of course, the cats... (sara jane, please tell vern and vera that we will see them soon!)

and MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! We spent Christmas swimming, climbing on rocks, eating fish curry, playing with the black dog and her pups, and sitting on the beach to watch the orange-gold-pink-purple sunset... finally eating curd with honey from clay pots and hearing Murali tell the story of the elephant and the tailor, a famous Keralan tale, well known to all schoolchildren. AND we spent the day thinking of all of you...

Aaron sends greetings and love -- he is too blissed out to type any more.


(Tomorrow morning we take a train to Goa, fly from there to Delhi (Spicejet), and then on Thursday fly from Delhi home (Virgin).)



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